Welcome to Lao Cotton!

Lao Cotton State Enterprise is a business unit under Lao Women Union. Its mission is to support women income generation while preserving and developing Lao textile pattern.

Lao Cotton headquarter has comprehensive cotton production process, starting from the purchase of raw cotton from farmers followed by the process of spinning, dyeing, and weaving until producing finished product. Our crafts include cotton fabric, clothing, interior furnishings, hand bags, gift handicrafts and some custom made orders.

Lao Cotton promotes and organizes the hand-woven and natural dyeing for over 100 low incomes primarily female. These female choose their own hours and work at home so they can easily combine part-time work with family responsibilities. Since 1996, Lao Cotton has successfully balanced its business priorities with a strong sense of social obligation.

There are many varieties of products, which have been neatly designed with mixing features of modernization and artistic traditional Lao pattern, indicating the human fashion and time.

Lao Cotton anniversary’s 30 years discount 5 - 10% off on 8 Dec,2014

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New Products

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Using Cotton bag is reducing the global warming !

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New web site open

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Lao Cotton has opend a new web site. This web site is built on CMS which stand for Contents Management System. It is latest tool for web site.

Contents of this web site is not enough now, but we gradurally improve it. For example, we are going to introduce you many our products.
We produce many kind of products as follows:
-Cotton fabric (Machine woven)
-Cotton fabric (Hand woven)
-Household items
-Furnishing textile
-Men’s apparel
-Women’s apparel
-Men’s Bag
-Women’s Bag

In addition, we are going to introduce you our facilities, handicraft and event occured in Laos.

Please enjoy our web site!